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Debby Maziarz Productions (DMP) aims to improve the dynamic state of the Australian artist and the arts community.

DMP is an incubator specialising in arts entrepreneurship. Formed in 2015 by Melbourne based artist Debby Maziarz and agriculturalist Vincent Morris. DMP collaborates with social and creative entrepreneurs, activists, economists, environmentalists, community facilitators and cultural leaders, all committed to building a thriving and sustainable creative community.

DMP positions artists as social and economic drivers in their community by developing strategic partnerships with government, corporate and philanthropy sectors and creating opportunities for artists to influence the social and political systems and structures that impact them. DMP conducts research, fundraises, delivers capacity building training for artists, brokers conversations between sectors and designs artistic disruptions that take the form of education campaigns, live art installations and festivals.

DMP Team

  • Debby Maziarz
    Debby Maziarz

    Legacy: In 1996 Debby founded the Westside Circus – Melbourne’s leading social enterprise for young people participating in circus arts.

    Key achievements include:   –   Leading the process of transitioning from a project to becoming a sustainable youth arts organisation   –   Visioning and realising an artistic program, which included producing and directing interdisciplinary, large-scale community arts projects and performances working with at risk and disadvantaged young people   –   Providing paid work, mentoring and work experience for 100’s of performers, musicians, techies, producers, arts managers and designers that now service the broader arts sector

    Interrogation: In 2010 Debby established an independent arts practice, collaborating with organisations including Kids’ Own Publishing, Kids Thrive, Outer Urban Projects and Green Room Awards and many individual artists. She has assisted with visioning, concept development, business planning, capacity building and fundraising. Through research and on the ground testing, Debby is interested in finding interesting and creative ways to maximise potential and address important social issues by pooling ideas, energy and resources. In 2015, with agriculturalist Vinnie Morris, she founded Arts Barter Australia, a new bartering and exchange network for the creative industry. It provides skills training, resources, social art projects and a physical platform for artistic exchange and collaboration.

    Influence: Debby has personally raised over $8 million towards social and cultural arts activity in Australia. She is a fellow of the Williamson Community Leadership Program and a recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts CACD fellowship.

  • Vinnie Morris
    Vinnie Morris

    Business Development Manager, DMP. Research, tender and grant writing for the arts, disability, community services and non-profit sectors. General business development, accounting, marketing and communications activities.

    Vinnie Morris has had an extensive history in horticulture and fresh produce marketing. He is interested in developing cross collaboration and exchange between the arts and other sectors and industries, particularly those related to the basic needs of shelter, food and energy. Vinnie is inspired by the prospects of growing, swapping, cooking and sharing food, plants, seeds and plant products. Vinnie is also interested in how broader primary production of organic agriculture and alternative systems including permaculture, and cooperative demand and supply can intersect with an arts exchange community.

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