About DMP

Debby Maziarz Productions (DMP) is a creative incubator set in Eltham providing mentoring and capacity building services for artists, arts organisations and community leaders.

We are building creative, resilient and connected communities.

DMP is an expression of Debby and Vinnie’s values, life experiences, joys and curiosities.

DMP collaborates on projects and efforts that contribute towards improving the state of the things for artists and communities.

DMP Team

  • Debby Maziarz Creative Director

    Debby Maziarz is a community development practitioner and facilitator who started her creative career in the circus. She founded the Westside Circus in 1996 and then dived into her own arts leadership practice that maximises her skills and assets and delivers on her mission.

  • Vinnie Morris
    Vinnie Morris Business Development Manager

    Vinnie Morris is a marketing and sales expert in the horticulture, organic agriculture and community development sectors. Vinnie is interested in how broader primary production of organic agriculture and alternative systems including permaculture, and cooperative demand and supply can intersect with the arts.

  • Rita Maziarz
    Rita Maziarz Artist in Residence

    Rita is a passionate maker and enjoys working with found materials and fabric. She has an established home-based artist studio in Eltham and her artwork can be found in various maker markets across Melbourne including Market 3196and online via Craft by Rita.

  • Jodie Kinnersley
    Jodie Kinnersley Marketing and Communications

    Jodie has worked in marketing and arts administration roles for: Castlemaine State Festival, Western Edge Youth Arts, Snuff Puppets, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and National Institute of Circus Arts. She currently works in Corporate Communications at Melbourne Water.

  • Alex Veljanovski
    Alex Veljanovski Visual Communications

    Alex Veljanovski is a youth worker and community development practitioner. Alex has a newfound interest in visual storytelling and is teaching herself the ins and outs of graphic design.


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