Future-proofing community practice through non-monetary exchange

In 2020 and 2021 Asking for Trouble will collaborate with mentor Debby Maziarz to research and develop the potential for non-monetary systems of exchange in Clunes and the wider Victorian indie arts sector. Through consultation, mapping and co-design activities, the project will explore ways to build accessible and sustainable new models of community arts practice in a post COVID-19 world with a vision to build personal, community and sector wide resilience.

The project will include 3 local ‘Fair Share’ community events which will be a mash up of community dance, feast and artist salon, providing a space for formal presentation and informal conversation and exchange. The project will also explore potential for new technologies to assist the wider arts community in connecting resources from willing non-monetary ‘patrons’ to support artists in the future.

This project will be informed by Debby Maziarz’s Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship research program, which included an international investigation of bartering as a model for supporting artists in sustaining their practice. It also supports a growing appetite by artists in Clunes to find local resourcing solutions and build community agency to articulate a vision and be empowered to collaborate.

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