Debby Maziarz Awarded Australia Council Creative Community Fellows Scholarship

Australia Council for the Arts has awarded Debby Maziarz a scholarship to participate in the National Arts Strategies (NAS) Creative Community Fellows program in Vermont.

Debby is committed to challenging the mindset and practices of independent artists seeking to resource their work and sustain a career in the arts. Her ideas represent an alternative to the current funding arrangements for the arts sector and present a challenge to the funders and funded alike.

Creative Community Fellows

The Creative Community Fellows program began in 2014 as a way of supporting entrepreneurs working at the intersection of arts and community. Fellows from around the world spend six months working on a project to drive a physical or social change in their communities, while nurturing their management and leadership capabilities. They build powerful and supportive connections among each other, with mentors and the broader NAS alumni.

Creative Community Fellows brings cultural trailblazers from around the world together over six months, to be part of something bigger, to learn life-changing skills and to see dreams become reality.

Further information about the Creative Community Fellows program is available from the NAS website.

Debby’s Project

Whole Traders is a travelling professional development clinic for sole trading artists who work in socially engaged practice. Trading in wholeness and teaching the art of how to sustain an arts practice and creative life, the project will travel from the Shires of Wyndham to Hepburn, treating artists, who are grappling with big social issues, with opportunities for exchange, regeneration, skill development and inspiration.

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