Soft Money and Bartering at Festival of Live Art’s Supper Club

Debby was an invited host for a deliciously nourishing Supper Club event at the Festival of Live Art, bringing together artists, audiences and experts to discuss the economic and social themes arising throughout the Festival of Live Art program.

Images by Bryony Jackson courtesy of Arts House and Festival of Live Art.

We’ll provide you with a scrumptious dinner and feed your mind as well, over two distinct evenings of discussion on the themes ‘soft money’ and ‘hard labour’.

In Soft Money you’ll hear from experts and everyday people involved in black market economies, bartering, share economies, cottage industries or artisanal practice, as well as some who argue for a universal basic income.

Ever done an unpaid gig ‘for exposure’? Cared for your family without pay? Wondered where the boundary of the neoliberal market economy lies? This event is for you!

Facilitators: Asha Bee Abraham, Dan Koop

Designer: Georgina Humphries

Invited hosts and their topics: Debby Maziarz (Bartering); Jason Potts (Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain); Steve Allen (Winning the lottery!); Dieu Ndenzako (Investment Banking); Rebecca Burdon (Service Economy / Non Durable Goods); Robbie Thorpe & Clare Land (Paying the rent)

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