Capacity-building workshops for artists, community leaders and anyone who wants to make things happen

Simple tools, templates and principles to help get your important work done.

Workshop topics include:

  • Grant Writing
  • Project Planning & Design
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Acquittals
  • Exploring Project Concepts
  • Sustaining an Arts Practice: Getting Started
  • Sustaining an Arts Practice: Time & Money
  • Sustaining an Arts Practice: Making a Plan

I think I do! How can I make that happen?

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  • Amazing energy put in this workshop. Thank you so much, I have learned so much, what a great opportunity!

    Online Workshop Attendee
  • Thank you Debby, loved your energy and enthusiasm and practical tips. Loved this workshop, so much to think about and apply. Thank you!

    Online Workshop Attendee
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